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Social-constructivism and Connectivism

Social-constructivism Learners construct their learning. Social interaction is vital.  The principles of social-constructivism include: active, social, and a need for motivation.  The work of Dewey paved the way for the acceptance of Vgotsky’s work.  The terminology of constructivism versus constructionism is...

Generative, Situated, and Problem-based Learning

Week 5 presentations were given on Generative, Situated, and Problem-based Learning. Generative Learning Wittrock is a founder of this learning approach.  The style divides paradigm shift and is considered a “cousin” of constructivism.  Generative learning is also related to behaviorism, connectivism, scheme,...

Discovery Learning, Authentic Learning, and Kemp

Discovery learning Dewey-knowing and doing are coupled, learning happens by doing the activity Vygotdky-play is the world a child enters the world they want to inhabit.  When they succeed, it is fun Papert-logo, development of children Bruner-Harvard psychologist 1950s, discovery learning Annie asked who our...

Problem-based learning

I chose problem-based learning to present to the class this semester in Advanced Instructional Design.  I have been reading and researching and sorting through the information overload I find myself in with each project. Identifying key terms is one way...