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Personal learning theory continued

I presented my learning theory to my peers and instructor this week.  I also received feedback on my brainstorming/initial draft and was asked important questions by my peers in the synchronous meeting.  My research continues on adult learners and theory...

Changed Perspective–Learning Theory

Several extra readings over the past few weeks have enriched my understanding of multiple learning theories, epistemology and ontology.  Ertmer & Newby (1993) aim to fill in the gaps that exist in the knowledge of learning theories.  They examine the...

Video log

http://youtu.be/gHFLdOtuh2c A video describing the development of a personal learning theory....

A Personal Learning Theory, with a little PBL

How well supported does your personal theory feel? What research could you do in order to support your theory? What methods would you employ? This week I have spent time researching constructivism in the online learning setting.  My personal learning...