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The fitbit wearable is one device that could be used in the classroom to introduce students to fitness and daily activity monitoring. While individual challenges would be a starting place to integrate the wearable today, I imagine the possibilities for...


Chafkin (2014) describes the first MOOC: a Stanford professor providing lectures, exams, and homework assignments online, the same content provided to those taking the for-credit course. The idea was started by Sebastian Thrun to provide additional lectures or a “flipped...

Personalized Learning Environments

The new personalized learning environment is a digital environment that has the ability to adapt to the student or learner (Ark, 2013). Learning in this environment is modified or customized to meet the learners’ needs. The classroom rotation model is...

Emerging Technologies

I have used the terms "emerging technologies" in my writings, but didn’t think much about a technology that is still developing into a must have (I didn’t think much about the development part). Instead, the terms “up and coming” or...