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Week 1 Activity 5

1.  Healthy eating choices at SafewaySafeway has a program called “Simple Nutrition” that is designed to help their shoppers locate food items based on their nutritional needs. Goals:  Safeway works with dietitians to label foods in their store that are gluten...

Week 1 Activity 4

When registering for this semester, I knew that instructional design was an area where I had little to no experience.  Thankfully, the first chapter of our textbook was a great starting point of defining instructional design.  Piskurich (2006) explains that...

Hello world!

This is my first post as a PhD student.  Excitement, fear, and overwhelmed are all feelings I have experienced the past few days.  My next post will be a reflection on the readings from the first week in CECS 5210. Heather...