Ethical challenges

The topics of ethical challenge and the development and implementation of tools to meet the need of all learners are not overlooked in current research and study.  The complexity of the field of educational technology presents a challenge for this research.  There is an increasing urgency to understand the issues of ethics, equity, and sustainability in this research field. This is a challenge presented for the next generation of researchers in the field of educational technology. Two solutions may be to encourage the adoption or development of an ethical approach and integrate ethical curriculum into the technology fields of study in higher education.

With the excitement and hype surrounding adapting technologies and implementing  new tools, the ethical challenges may be placed on the back burner.  The challenge of keeping ethical considerations at the forefront of research and implementation can be met by instructors and professors providing the topic for discourse in higher education curriculum. It may also be beneficial to adopt an “approach” for incorporating ethical principles into research and adapting technologies.  These are presented as solutions for those teaching and researching in the field of technology and the students, future leaders, and researchers to continuously remain current on the ethical issues at hand.

I have strong feelings about the importance of the topic of ethical challenges in educational technology.  Additional discourse is needed in coursework, especially in the areas of study focusing on technology integration.  After reading an article by Brey 2011, I discovered that there are approaches available and used to aid in the adoption and integration of new technologies from robotics to nanotechnology.

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