ID Course Project

The course we are developing is titled “Introduction to Teaching Online.” The objective of this project is to develop an Introduction to Online Teaching course for undergraduates studying to become teachers, also known as pre service teachers. As a semester course, it will not be possible to prepare the students for every eventuality of the online classroom, but the course will expose teachers to the tools, terminology, methods of and resources for the online classroom. The exact audience for this course is hypothetical. We suggest that this course be offered as an online or blended course to pre service teachers well into their instructional methods courses. Students at this point will most likely have had at least an introductory level educational technology course and some experience developing instructional units or lesson plans.

Course Goal: Prepare pre service teachers with the basic managerial and technical skills and resources to teach online.

The feedback we received on this week has been positive.  There were some great suggestions for consideration and we are awaiting the opportunity to present our ideas to our instructor.  The most difficult part of a group design project, or any other group project, is coordinating schedules and equal workloads.  This has not been an issue so far in this project.  A rotation schedule was created early on to shift each team member to a different task each week.  Sunday, I left my work on the research paper and began working on the design side of the project.  We currently have two members working on the design and prototype and two working on the research paper.   My role in the prototype is perfect.  I have prior experience on the LMS of choice and am able to create placeholders and prepare the space for our content, once this is finalized.  Every member of the team is in a different time zone, but this has not hindered our progress and ability to meet consistently.  This week, we move forward in the LMS and finalize the research paper.  We expect all members will be working on the prototype by next week.

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