Incommensurability, Technology Ethics

The dominating assumption of epistemology is that to be rational, to be fully human…..we need to be able to find agreement with other human beings—Rorty

Incommensurability no common measure–

Incommensurability is the idea that it is possible to see the world in multiple ways, and that there is not a fair method to see which way is right–

Bernstein provides views and thoughts on incommensurability and provides a helpful conclusion of each view in 9 steps.  I liked the thought of furthering self-understanding through genuine encounters.  These encounters happen with ourselves, others,  “Other” or otherness of the “Other.”

Alterity or “otherness”–the quality or state of being radically alien to the conscious self or a particular cultural orientation–

The discussion and conclusions of views of otherness is still confusing, but one thought that still stands out is the “Other” comprehends the difference between thou on one side and the alter ego (or alien I) on the other.

Ethos-The Original Ethics, and Technology in Bernstein, provides more to contemplate on ethics and technology…”questioning” and the “essence of technology”  “Everything depends on how we freely use the technologies available to us.” Here is the ethical dilemma.  Bernstein provides examples of medical technologies that save human lives or those that destroy human lives.  Technology is described as mysterious because of the danger that may come from the use. This was one of my favorite chapters in Bernstein, so far.  The preoccupation with technology is also mentioned along with the essence of technology.  I am hoping to hear more from others on this, for further understanding.

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