Learning and Media

Three positions on learning are behavioral, cognitive, and constructivist.  The Etmer article discusses the need to bridge basic learning research and educational practice.  The approach a designer chooses can vary and the importance of understanding the different approach or position is necessary. The article mentions that the choice or best approach depends upon the context-“systematic eclecticism.”  Being well versed is key, and truly understanding each theory and the considerations of each.

The discussion on the role of media in learning and teaching is ongoing with the continual change in technology.  In my argument for this week, I learned that this is a topic that has been considered since the 1950s.  The topic is still relevant. The majority of the research I discovered focuses on “how” media influences learning rather than “does” media influence learning.  I do understand the argument Clark presents and the importance of the learning process and teacher involvement in implementing media.  I found it interesting that Clark discouraged others from further research, but also predicted the research would continue because each new media attracts new advocates.  I enjoyed reading the research I found on this topic, and still side with Kozma.  As this discussion develops in the class, it will be interesting to see how others side, but I am betting on Kozma’s opinion.

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