Mobile learning or m-learning is one of my research interests and I find myself  reading a great deal on this topic recently.  M-learning is a key topic in learning technologies.  It allows learning to happen anywhere.  A central theme to the tools and areas of learning is flexibility.  M-learning allows for flexibility.  The mobile device is often with the learner and information is pushed to the device for instant access to e-mail, online classrooms, communications and information sharing.

I have discovered the benefits of mobile phone use as a current doctoral student.  Connecting to the online classroom is used often to verify a due date, check a grade, or look for updates.  Emails and updates are pushed to my email.  M-learning is studied in K12 classrooms, but the challenges seem greater at this level.  Attitudes toward mobile technology integration are mixed.  The m-learning article by Zhang et al (2010) was very informative.  M-learning was integrated into a Singapore science classroom as an attempt to provide a contribution to the methodology for developing m-learning in science curricula.  Their work and study will continue, with a long-term intention of bridging formal and informal learning through mobilized curriculum.

How students act and maneuver in m-learning is an important area for future research and I am interested in exploring how this will play a role in higher education.  Online learning environments, lectures, discussion threads, and instant communication with peers are each areas of study for m-learning in higher education.

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