Reflection on my first project

Overall, I feel that my first project went well.  I am not able to implement the design live for a month or more, but this project has given me an accurate idea of what it would take to create a course from the ground up.  I am creating more content in Moodle as the weeks go by.  My evaluation was not as thorough as I would have liked.  I don’t have actual students taking the quiz or posting discussion questions. From the feedback received, I do feel confident about the student’s ability to navigate the introductory material and find and understand what is expected for Unit 2.  There are some wording issues that I need to decide on and the quiz may need to be changed some, but it will be ready to go for the next semester.  Adding a video introduction from the instructor is also something we will decide on the week before the semester begins, but I think it would be a beneficial addition to each Unit.

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