Reflection on Second Life

Second life was completely new to me.  My daughter (8) and my son (13) watched me set up my avatar and my daughter chose the pink robot avatar.  My son took her for a flight around the area I was dropped into first.  He didn’t need instructions on flying, and I still can’t get her to fly quite right.  He needs to give me a few lessons.  I was able to locate the Orientation, but I am not sure it was the correct one.  It did help with the basics and was easy to follow, I was able to walk down a path and double click for instructions.

I did locate the ISTE location for our online meeting, but my connection was interrupted from something that night.  Possibly storms.  The chat was intermittent and my avatar was fading in and out, and walking/flying was difficult.  I did follow a group to the two locations and we answered the questions at each stop.  I would like to take my son with me to these locations and explore some more when my connection is better.  As a group, we decided that second life is easier for digital natives.  It was mixed on the discussion about 3-D contributing to learning.  Some said yes, I was in the no group.  I do not have enough exposure to say yes, it contributes.  We did point out the visible instruction design elements: purchasing something, screen shots of procedures, links to websites, and playing movies.  I tried to be open-minded and followed Alicia into a science island that was designed for educational purposes.  I marked this island because I want to let my son look around here.

I actually liked using SL for our chat session.  If you have a good connection and a fast computer, I think SL could be an effective learning environment.  It was good to experience this and forced me out of my comfort zone.  I am intrigued by SL and do want to learn more, fly around and see things. Is there a Hawaiian island? Virtually may be my only chance…. 🙂

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