Self-regulate Reflection

I had to research this subject some.  “Self-Regulation refers to the self-directive process through which learners transform their mental abilities into task related skills” (Zimmerman, 2001). (Retrieved from We all have thoughts continuously running through our mind and when we put these thoughts in order or mentally take care of the most important thoughts first for the task at hand, this is regulating.  Monitoring goal setting and the progress toward that goal is also a part of self-regulating.  When reading an article on an unfamiliar subject a good self-regulator will take notes, make an outline, or use techniques that work for them to fully understand the subject.  A self-regulator will find the techniques that work best for success.

A passive learning has a difficult time monitoring their progress and thought process; lower self-regulation.  This is where communication can be valuable in the process.  A teacher or student can assume the role of regulator to keep another student on course.  Communicating and checking in with this type of learner can aid the student in reaching goals.

Self-regulating can

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