Three views

The three world views/truths/hypotheses are: mechanism, organicism, and contextualism.  The Prawat and Floden article focuses on contextualism, and they feel that this is the best rationale for social constructivism.  It is stated that social constructivists agree that knowledge is a social product, or knowledge is constructed in group settings, collaboration.  The theory applied in classrooms can be complicated, it is referred to as “constructivist dilemma.” How can teachers provide a balance between individual and group learning?  Prawat & Floden point out in their article that teachers need more time to work with colleagues and consultants in a collaborative setting to aid in the development of the curriculum needed to address this dilemma.  I found it interesting that the use of journals (or possibly blogging) can increase the level of classroom participation.

Mechanistic approach-information processing view (outside the mind, abstract representation, human cognizer)

Organismic approach-radical constructivists (subject experience, individual creation not discovery)

Contextualist approach-social constructivists (perception, emergence)

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