Week 1 Activity 5

1.  Healthy eating choices at Safeway

Safeway has a program called “Simple Nutrition” that is designed to help their shoppers locate food items based on their nutritional needs. 

Goals:  Safeway works with dietitians to label foods in their store that are gluten free, low in fat, or low in sodium, to name a few.  They place a green tag or label on the shelf near the price tag that labels up to two nutrient or ingredient benefits.  Shoppers simply locate tags throughout the store that meet their particular nutrient needs. 

Effectiveness:  This program simplifies the hunt for certain foods.  If the shopper is searching for peanut butter and wants a jar that is organic and low in sodium, this labeling system saves time reading individual jars.   The program is easy to understand and follow.  Many shoppers will take the next step of reading the nutritional labels on the food item, but this green tag system saves the shopper time by organizing and labeling the food based on nutrient benefit.  One question that I had during my visit is how do shoppers get the information about the Simple Nutrition system?  The information is available at the customer service counter or online.

 2.  Selecting a wine

Each store has a different system for organizing and labeling their wine selections, some are very basic and others too informative.  These learning systems are available on the Internet, but what if your local store doesn’t have any of the wines learned about?  Sam’s Club has a simple tagging system that provides information on these areas: wine type, region, profile, taste profile, body, and pairings. 

Goals:  Provide the shopper with information on what to serve the wine with (meat, cheese, etc.).  Offer suggestions on foods to purchase within the store to serve with the wines.  Offer a profile and taste profile so the shopper understands more about the flavor of the wine.

Effectiveness:  This system is simple and effective.  The important information for choosing a wine is placed on the shelf under the bottles.  Wine is organized by grape variety and the information learned by a shopper can vary depending on their need.

Three things you won’t forget:

A simple system used for pre-organizing saves the shopper time.

Offering pairing suggestions in-store for shoppers is a great time saving technique for one stop shopping.

These forms of instructional technology are an important part of marketing. This was something I had not thought about before and realized during this activity how important instructional technology is to marketing.  Shoppers want all the information, but they also want to save time.

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