Week 1 (Part 2) Activity 3

As I was reading the models of learning article by Leidner, I attempted to recall a situation in which each type of learning style was used, as a student or a teacher.  To determine my personal learning style, I thought of a time where learning was difficult for me, and one where learning was easy.  I have had courses that use the “Objectivist” style of learning and I did well in these courses, but they were difficult for me.  My personal theory of learning may be labeled as a non-traditional because it combines several learning systems.   The cognitive information processing model of learning is an extension of the constructivist model and one that I identify with. The individualized instruction is one benefit of this model because each learner processes new information at a different pace. 


As we incorporate information technology into our classrooms, virtual or traditional, several learning styles may be used in combination.   I found this article very informative; especially the assumptions discussed for each model and the comparison and extension discussions of each.  Each model has a place in learning/teaching and can be modified or used in conjunction for a particular lesson of a course.  The comfortable or familiar way of learning/teaching is often the first choice for teachers, but with the use of new information technology–stepping out of comfortable may be the way to add value to a course/lesson.

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