Week 10

This is my first official training in instructional design.  This course has given me the tried and true tools to develop a solid product.  I was using a similar method before, but the process or steps were not in the right order.  The analysis phase is so important.  I now understand this.  I tend to be someone who jumps in head first without analysis.  This often requires back tracking and wasting valuable time. 

The evaluation phase is always important.  I feel like the evaluations for my projects were not as good as they could have been if my clients were more available.  The best evaluation will come at the end of next semester when the students are allowed to evaluate the course, as well as the department head.  I do believe that any evaluation is better than none.  Any additional opinions and suggestions are always appreciated.  As I become more confident in my abilities, these suggestions will not be taken so personally.

For an online course, usability testing is a great option.  This is a simple, but effective type of evaluation that can be preformed before the course goes live.  Also, only a few users are necessary for testing.

Practicing these methods will increase confidence.  My future in instructional design is unknown, but I know I have a strong base of instructional design knowledge to build on.  These tools will also help me in any future educational project.

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