Week 2 Activity 4

The Machine is Us/ing Us

This video energized me and it was effective.  Web 2.0 is a major area of interest for me for further research and I watched this video 3 times.  Many topics are flashed on the screen that could be developed into instructional design lessons: HTML, XML blogs, journals, YouTube, mashing, creating and linking information, and collaborating.  It is all Web 2.0!  There are the “issues” that must be considered as well: privacy, copyright, etc.  This video is a starting place for understanding the main points of Web 2.0.  The video is pre-analysis to me.  The ideas and topics could be taken into a full-analysis stage for the development of goals and objectives of an instructional design project.  I could see this video being used as an introduction of “what to expect” in a lesson on Web 2.0.  The end portion of rethinking the way we do things would be a great discussion question.  Students could research one major issue, report, and start some in-depth discussions. 

Bigfoot – Sasquatch evidence analysis

I would say it is a form of analysis.  The video is comprised of several interviews and appears to be a segment of something longer.  This interview could be considered data collection for developing goals and objectives for a project.  If I place the topic aside, I do think that the evidence analysis is effective.  I am not familiar with the Patterson film, but it was mentioned several times.  I did wonder if these were reputable sources and I am definitely not a Sasquatch expert.  I could design a few projects from this video, though.  Students could explore the Patterson video further, and they could also research several of the individuals interviewed on the video to determine if they are in fact a reliable source.

In my opinion, video is sometimes too effective.  Good videos grab your attention immediately and pull you in.  I was engrossed by each of the videos this week.  Stepping back and questioning the source and thinking about what they were trying to “sell” the viewer, or what side they were taking–brings me back to reality.   

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