Week 2 Part 2 Activity 4

Information R/Evolution video

The analysis process sets a strong foundation for the design process to build upon.  Some of the types of analysis flow back and forth between analysis and design. Goals and objectives are an example of this.  The goals and objectives developed during analysis can be an organization tool for further design development.  Once the project progresses, these goals and objectives will progress too.  The two pieces of the model do connect.  Audience and delivery analysis are two additional types of analysis that may be worked on during the analysis process or the design process. 

The Information R/Evolution video was a little stressful for me.  My background in library/information science makes it hard to accept some of the ideas….to understand is on us…links are enough to find the information.  The way that information is organized on the Internet continues to change and develop.  I was thinking of the term information overload when watching the video.  The analysis process is breaking down the project into chunks of information, organizing the information into understandable sections so the transition into the design process is smooth.  The major topic of this video is organizing information, very similar to the analysis process of instructional design.

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