Week 3 Activity 3

Paranormal State Video

Anyone can claim that something they have experienced is the truth.  There is no way to prove paranormal activity.  There are levels and measures that are used, but even then, what is “proof” in these scenarios?  I would have to witness paranormal activity first hand, and I really don’t want to be a ghost hunter.   This video is effective.  The story is believable and I think that is because of the emotional interviews.  Several witnesses provide the same information, the psychic retells the story of the suicide, and the priest visits.  The scene is set, the paranormal equipment is used, it appears to be a true investigation.  We know that this is an A&E video and we know that A&E and the History network provide historical and educational shows.  It is possible that these individuals are actors, but I know this is a popular hobby for many. I have a friend who is part of a local paranormal society and these ghost hunts are videoed and taken very serious. Pre-interviews are used as analysis to determine what type of activity is witnessed, timelines are set, and many of these projects are planned in detail.

I jumped when they lit the candle.  I am a chicken when it comes to anything eerie…I could never watch something like that at night. :/

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