Week 3 Activity 4

Instruction Design…

This course is very exciting to me.  I am new to the education field, but feel that I was doing some type of instructional design as a computer consultant and training computer users.  The Analysis phase of the ADDIE model is so important, and I was not performing this step properly when approaching a training project.  This phase can be very complicated depending on the project.  Instructional design is like a road map.  Step by step, each phase builds upon the next.  I now see how it is a science, but also an art.  It takes time and experience, like many things, to get through each phase and see success in the end. 

The textbook is right on for me.  I feel like it is walking me through the steps and I am understanding what I am accomplishing.  I can’t wait the begin developing, but now understand why it must wait and how the analysis and design will change time and time again to properly prepare for the next phase.

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