Week 6 Blog Reflection

I have not been able to access the discussion threads for several days and am feeling lost and anxious that I am missing something.  I know that I am not alone and others are having the same problem.  I have been thinking about how connected so many people are to their technology.  I have discussed this in class threads, I read about it in articles, I watch the coverage of this topic on the news.  I believe that breaks are necessary.  Do we take enough of these breaks?  Are there health risks associated with sitting in front of a computer all day or always having a smartphone on your body?  The answers are still unknown, but I know my body tells me when I need a technology break.

The future of instructional design is exciting.  The Internet has provided so many opportunities for learning.  We have witnessed this in this course with the supplementary materials we find online.  The process or foundation of the instructional design process remains, even in the online environment.  The instructional design process begins the same for the online environment, and is discussed in Chapter 9-10 of our text. This area is rapidly evolving and this is the environment I will likely perform the majority of my real-life instructional design projects.  The 7 rules for good instructional design are valid for any environment; the instructional design foundation remains the same…it is just tweaked here or there depending on the needs of the client.

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